Turkey is Allegedly Preventing Aid from Reaching Kobani

Much has been written about how Turkey is sitting on the sidelines, both figuratively and literally, in preventing the spread of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Jonathan Krohn, writing for USA Today over the weekend from Suruc, Turkey, accused Turkey of preventing aid and Kurdish fighters from reaching Kobani to repel the siege by ISIS.

What’s more, since the fighting began in Kobani, many Kurds on the Turkish side say they are repeatedly stopped by Turkish police and military and tear-gassed and forced to move back from crossing the border to Kobani to join Kurdish fighters.

Kurds in Turkey watch fight from hilltops

It’s one thing not to help. It’s another all together to actively inhibit help from reaching somewhere.

The Turks arguably have good reason for such a policy as they’re more worried than ever about separatist Kurds calling for their own state.

But the point remains: Erdogan’s government is inadvertently aiding ISIS rebels by refusing relief and reinforcement to Kobani from its borders.


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