Tip of the Day: Don’t get on an airplane if you’ve treated someone with Ebola

Nurse Amber Joy Vinson treated the Dallas man who recently died of Ebola. She was running a slight fever. She got on a plane anyway.

What is wrong with this lady?

First and foremost, the US government should bear a lot of the blame for allowing this woman to get on two flights after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who recently died of Ebola. The fact that they knew about her plans to fly and said “yeah sure no problem” lacks any sort of common sense, especially when they were aware she had a slight fever.

But really lady? She knew she had been exposed to Ebola, she knew she had a slight fever, but she got on a plane anyway because she had a wedding to plan. She’s a nurse who was involved in treating a patient with Ebola, it’s not like she was unaware that she may have it or ignorant to how deadly the disease is.

Any sensible person would think “Well maybe I should delay my wedding planning plans for a few weeks while I make sure I don’t have a horrible infectious disease.” Not Amber Joy Vinson.

Furthermore, this is the second person who treated Duncan to contract the virus. So one guy comes to America with Ebola, none of the people who had contact with him before being isolated have caught the virus, but two people who treated him have. What does this say about the safety precautions in place for healthcare workers? Obviously further safeguards are needed.

Now the CDC is “considering” adding health workers who treated Duncan to the federal no-fly list. What is there to consider? Sure, a family vacation might get ruined, a wedding may have to be pushed back, but at least there won’t be an Ebola epidemic in the country.

The head of the CDC is set to appear before Congress today, and media outlets are already calling it a bloodbath, but what we need is less talk and more action.


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