Tip of the Day: Don’t get on an airplane if you’ve treated someone with Ebola

Nurse Amber Joy Vinson treated the Dallas man who recently died of Ebola. She was running a slight fever. She got on a plane anyway.

What is wrong with this lady?

First and foremost, the US government should bear a lot of the blame for allowing this woman to get on two flights after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who recently died of Ebola. The fact that they knew about her plans to fly and said “yeah sure no problem” lacks any sort of common sense, especially when they were aware she had a slight fever. Continue reading


Ebola’s Coming! Vomiting On Flight Freaks Out the CDC

Flying already sucks. And it’s annoying enough when someone has a cold on your flight. A month ago if they were vomiting you’d be loudly groaning.

Now people go crazy. Ebola is coming for you.

A Newark man took a nap mid-flight from Liberia, woke up airsick, started vomiting and people lost it.

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