US Government Provides Arms to Kobani Defenders

Last night the White House held an on background conference call to brief reporters on the provision of arms to Kurdish fighters in Kobani over the weekend.

According to officials, a total of 27 bundles of small arms, ammunition and medical supplies were air dropped into Kobani. When asked exactly what kinds of arms were dropped, the official noted the weapons themselves were provided by the Kurds, noting that “I just don’t have the breakdown of exactly what types they were,” so effectively they don’t know (or aren’t saying.)

One official noted that this is the continuation of a campaign that began last year to arm rebels.

The call also more bluntly describes the US mission against ISIS than what the press describes it as. The officials describe efforts to bleed out ISIS in a long protracted campaign where “what we’re trying to do with this resupply is support those who are seeking to inflict greater losses” on ISIS. Two officials noted that airstrikes have killed hundreds of fighters and destroyed scores of pieces of equipment. They described our strategy against ISIS as “opportunistic” and said that “if we, again, see ISIL massing forces, massing equipment, and presenting us with an opportunity to set back ISIL capabilities, we’re going to act.”

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