US Arming Group in Kobani that it Considers Terrorists

The US Government acknowledged on Sunday that it air dropped small arms, ammunition, and medical supplies to rebels fighting ISIS in Kobani, Syria.

The Turkish President balked when asked if he supported the operation. Adding that “There has been talk of arming the PYD to form a front here against the Islamic State. For us, the PYD is the same as the PKK, it’s a terrorist organisation.”

This is why Erdogan has been reluctant to set up a land route through Turkey to help supply the fighters in Kobani with material as well as reinforcements. It’s worth noting that the corridor opened yesterday by Turkey is for Iraqi Kurdish fighters, the pesh merga, and still prohibits any Turks from crossing the border to fight in Kobani.

Here’s the kicker, though. The United States has, since 1997, also considered the PKK a foreign terrorist organization.

There’s no debate about whether the PYD is connected to the PKK. It’s merely the amount of collusion that’s an open question.

Therefore, the United States government is openly providing not only logistical support but also weapons to a group that, at the bare minimum, is affiliated with what the US considers a terrorist organization.


US Government Provides Arms to Kobani Defenders

Last night the White House held an on background conference call to brief reporters on the provision of arms to Kurdish fighters in Kobani over the weekend.

According to officials, a total of 27 bundles of small arms, ammunition and medical supplies were air dropped into Kobani. When asked exactly what kinds of arms were dropped, the official noted the weapons themselves were provided by the Kurds, noting that “I just don’t have the breakdown of exactly what types they were,” so effectively they don’t know (or aren’t saying.)

One official noted that this is the continuation of a campaign that began last year to arm rebels.

The call also more bluntly describes the US mission against ISIS than what the press describes it as. The officials describe efforts to bleed out ISIS in a long protracted campaign where “what we’re trying to do with this resupply is support those who are seeking to inflict greater losses” on ISIS. Two officials noted that airstrikes have killed hundreds of fighters and destroyed scores of pieces of equipment. They described our strategy against ISIS as “opportunistic” and said that “if we, again, see ISIL massing forces, massing equipment, and presenting us with an opportunity to set back ISIL capabilities, we’re going to act.”

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US Starts Talking Tough on Turkey in Apparent Change of Heart

Maybe Joe Biden was right after all.

The NY Times lead story today is “Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the U.S.” The article reads as a laundry list of complaints and reservations U.S. officials have about Turkeys foot-dragging and, in some cases, refusal to do what we want them to.

This comes two days after Joe Biden apologized for saying “It took a while for Turkey, a Sunni nation, to figure out that ISIL was a direct immediate threat to their well being,” during a speech at Harvard.

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